How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Tuxedo?

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Tuxedo?

Whether you’re shopping for your wedding, getting excited for senior prom, or want to look dapper for an upcoming special occasion, you’re probably in the market for a tuxedo. But where do you start? Which company provides the most convenient purchasing option? What do you have time for? Who do your friends and family recommend?

All are important questions and ones that you should certainly focus on as you get further into the buying process. However, one question proceeds all the others: How much does it cost to rent a tuxedo? And where can YOU get the best deal on your tuxedo? Keep reading to find out the average cost of tuxedo rentals and what you can expect to spend during your next formalwear shopping experience.

But before we tell ya exactly how much you’ll be paying for your tuxedo rental, consider a couple of different factors that can (and will) affect the cost of your tuxedo.

Designer, Fit, & Style

When you’re shopping for your tuxedo rental, you’ll have many choices in terms of designer, fit, and style. And what you choose will certainly affect your tuxedo rental cost. So, make sure to consider these factors and how they’ll change your rental cost. For example, each tuxedo rental provider will carry their own line of formalwear designer styles, like:

  • Allure Men
  • Ike Behar
  • Calvin Klein
  • Vera Wang
  • Ben Sherman
  • Michael Kors

… And price them accordingly. Make sure to browse your rental providers’ pricing tiers based on designer preferences. Also, keep in mind that tuxedo fit & style also play a role in pricing. New arrivals and styles will typically be priced higher.

What is Included With Your Rental?

This one is a biggie: Does your tuxedo rental include everything you’ll need to complete your outfit? Or will you purchase separate accessories yourself? Most tuxedo rental providers base pricing on the entire ensemble, i.e., coat, pants, shirt, tie, accessories (vest, suspenders, or cummerbund), plus studs, cufflinks, and shoes. However, make sure to get confirmation on exactly what is included in the total cost of your rental.

Wedding Tuxedo Cost

Length of Rental

Another factor that can affect the price of your tuxedo rental is how long you’ll need your tuxedo. Most rental tuxedos are priced for one week with a customer. However, if you need your rental for longer, that will certainly increase the price as well.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Tuxedo?

Obviously, there are many different components that determine the cost of renting a tuxedo. Depending on style, designer, accessories, and duration of rental, on average, customers pay between $150 and $299 to rent a tuxedo.

Additionally, customers who visit any of our 4 Rondinelli Tuxedo Company locations can expect to pay, on average, between $168 and $219 for their tuxedo rental. Remember that Rondinelli Tuxedo provides the most affordable suits, tuxedos, and men’s formalwear available in northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania.

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