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Okay, so what is a lapel? And why does it matter so much when considering your style? What are the types of lapels? And why should you care? Let’s cut to the chase – lapel choice can make or break your formal wear style. So you need to make sure that your choice of lapel compliments the occasion, the garment (suit vs. tuxedo), and your personal style needs. 

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We get it – you’re not wearing a tuxedo every day. So, we know you’re gonna have questions when getting dressed in your Rondinelli tuxedo. And, instead of panic-Googling while getting dressed, we’ve created an easy ‘how to’ guide to putting on your tuxedo before your special event!

The line between suits and tuxedos has slowly become blurred since the turn of the century. Formal wear fashion always evolves, with each decade putting its spin on black tie classics (think ruffled shirts, light blue tuxedos, & 4” wide peak lapels). But, even with this evolution, what really is the differences between a suit vs. tuxedo? And what are the obvious markers to help you tell the difference? And when is each appropriate?

Read on to find out what we consider to be the major differences between suits vs. tuxedos. Stick around, and you might learn a little somthin’.

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