(Last Updated On: August 7, 2023)
How to Put on a Tuxedo

We get it – you’re not wearing a tuxedo every day. So, we know you’re gonna have questions when getting dressed in your Rondinelli tuxedo. And, instead of panic-Googling while getting dressed, we’ve created an easy ‘how to’ guide to putting on your tuxedo before your special event!

First and foremost, we recommend being freshly groomed, showered, and shaved before getting dressed.

Common questions:

  1. Do I wear an undershirt with my tuxedo shirt? – We recommend that you do! Especially during the summer months with sweat. Just make sure to wear a nice, new white undershirt with the tuxedo shirt.
  2. What about socks? – We do NOT provide socks with our rental tuxedos, so make sure to pick up a pair of classic black socks or something similar to compliment your look. We also sell formalwear socks in-store, so pick up a pair when you visit!
  3. And…underwear? – We do NOT recommend wearing boxers with tuxedo pants.

Shirt Studs

Your shirt studs are the smaller black buttons that come with your tuxedo rental. There should be 4 in total. We recommend putting them on your shirt before you put it on. Slip each stud into the slot above each button. Once all studs are inserted, put your tuxedo shirt on and use the studs to button the shirt.


Once you button your shirt with your studs, you’ll want to move on to fasten your cufflinks. Cufflinks are the 2 larger black buttons attached to a ‘T’ shaped, silver clasped. To secure your cufflinks to your shirt cuffs, shift your cufflink so the clasp and button look like a ‘T.’ Take your outside cuff and slide the thin end of the clasp through the buttonhole on both cuffs. Once both cuffs are attached, flip the clasp to fasten it. And make sure to close the buttonhole below your cufflink as well.

Tuxedo Pants & Tracks

To adjust the waistband on your tuxedo pants, you’ll need to find the tracks on your pants. Tracks are adjustable buckles on both sides of your waistband that allows you to make your pants looser or tighter depending on what you require. To make your waistband tighter, open the buckle, grab the extra material, and slide the buckle toward your backside. Conversely, to make the waistband looser, open the buckle, and slide it toward your front side. When the waistband feels secure, close the buckle and adjust the other side to the same width.

Ties & Bowties

Our ties and bowties are very easy to adjust. Flip your collar up and button your top button on the shirt collar. Then, wrap the adjustable strap and clasp around the left side of your neck. Connect the hook and clasp in the front of our neck, flip the collar down, and ensure the collar covers the adjustable strap.

To make sure that your bowtie is NOT upside down, check to see if the flat side of the bow tie knot is facing up towards your chin. The twist of the bow tie knot should be facing down towards the floor.

Vest, Suspenders, & Cummerbund


Your vest should cover your waistband and hug your torso. To adjust your vest, use the buckle on the back of your vest to tighten or loosen it according to your needs. Button the front buttons, except for the last button, which is traditionally left open.


Our tuxedo pants do not have buttons on the inside of the waistband to attach suspenders. So, instead, close the clasp of each suspender to the top of the tuxedo pant waistband. Then, adjust the shoulder straps to a comfortable length.


A cummerbund should fit firmly around your waist to cover the waistband of your pants. Make sure the pleats are facing out & up. Adjust your cummerbund using the buckle on the back near the clasp.


Before putting on your tuxedo jacket, make sure that your cuff buttons are buttoned and, if you have cufflinks, that they are on and fastened. Trying to put cufflinks on after you put your jacket on is a pain. When putting on your jacket, hold your shirt cuffs with the tops of your fingertips to make sure your shirt cuffs don’t get caught on your jacket. Once on, adjust your sleeve length and cufflinks to their appropriate positions.

We hope this guide gets you to your special occasion looking handsome and dapper, but if you have any questions, call one of our locations! Our staff would be happy to talk you through any last-minute wardrobe malfunctions. And remember, wearing a tuxedo is all about confidence! So, just know that you look GREAT in your Rondinelli tuxedo.

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